Planting Schemes

After all of the planning, building and hard landscaping is completed, the garden is not finished without a beautiful mix of the right plants. The planting scheme we devise will be based upon your requirements and take account of soil, light and water conditions.


Before planning your planting scheme, we will talk to you about your ideas and preferences.

What style of garden planting are you looking for? There are many different planting styles to use as inspiration such as cottage gardens, prairie gardens, tropical borders, bog gardens.

What are your thoughts with regard to shapes, patterns and textures?

What about colour scheme? Are you looking for a garden full of strong, bold colours or a cooler, more muted colour scheme?

Are there any particular plants that you love and simply have to have in your garden?

Once we’ve understood your requirements, we will develop a planting scheme to combine them in your garden – taking account of your soil and the amount of light in different areas of your garden.

Planting Expertise
With over 15 years in horticulture Garden Focus can organise all your planting needs including lawns, borders, hedges, bedding plants, hanging baskets and vegetable gardens.